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The Knot Chat Room:
Topic: Outsource Video

“We were married in October 25 th and used Outsource Video.

The day of the wedding we had 2 people that were filming, and I completely had no idea that they were there the entire day. We just received the video back a couple days ago and just had to post about the work and quality of the video. IT IS AMAZING! It's like a movie, and everything just blended together so nice! The editing on the tape just blew my husband and I away! Robin has a team of videographers that are experts at shooting the film. She was a complete pleasure to work with and for what we paid thought the prices were very reasonable! We didn't think we wanted a video initially, but we are THRILLED that we did. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at catherine.p.wozniak@verizon.com.”

“I am probably most confident in OutSource Video and Robin more than any other vendors.”

“Just wanted you all to know I met with Robin last night, and was absolutely impressed with her and her company. I just got off the phone with her--yes, I booked her. Her prices were reasonable, and like another knottie said, she is flexible and threw in a couple things for me. The best part was that the demo she showed me (an entire wedding) was located at the venue where I'm getting married) That just put it over the top for me. I can't wait!!”


“I did TONS of research on videographers...I must have gotten 30 sample videos. I found most of them on the GPVA website. OutSource Video was the best by far in the price range. A lot of the other videographers in that range had okay samples, but when you saw a true wedding video, well, a lot had shaky camera work. I thought OutSource had the best camera work. Robin helps you completely customize your video...whatever transitions you want, every extra...she was really helpful. It may seem like a tough decision, but with OutSource, they make it one of the easiest ones!”

“I was looking around for awhile...video was important to me and OutSource's samples blew me away. Robin is also EXTREMELY flexible with throwing in some things and taking out others.”



“I had to give a vendor rave to Outsource Video. I hired Robin because of another knottie rave and I have to tell you that she was my favorite vendor. So easy to work with, they customized the video package to exactly what I wanted, and they did amazing work. They were the first vendor at my house on the day of the wedding and the last person to leave!!! The video makes people cry! I have watched it way too many times already. Good luck and to those brides that are thinking of skipping the video, it will be your biggest regret after...the day goes by way too fast and there are a lot of things you miss because you are the bride. You must get a video to bring the day back again.”

Erin & Joe


Hi Ladies,
” I know some of you were very eager to hear about our experience with Outsource and how our video turned out. We got our dvds yesterday and I must tell you that we really could not be happier with how it turned out...Its fantastic. We were brought to tears and we're just so thrilled with it. The quality of the picture is r eally clear. The audio is great and t hey used all the music we asked for in beautiful ways. They captured big moments and details and got some really great footage of everyone, the cake, the tables, the church decorations...so much I would have never seen . T he DVD menu is beautiful, with each chapter in the menu having a p hoto from that segment. I really loved it ! I really feel like we made the best choice! ”


” I am so happy to hear this. I hired OutSource Video a few weeks ago for our July wedding. What sold me was that the sample DVD Robin showed me was of a wedding done where we're having ours. Amazing work! I actually cried watching it. That's awesome that you got is back and are so pleased! ”


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